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Travel Agent Academy provides you with the most advanced, interactive travel agent training available today on products sure to both impress and protect your clients – from popular destinations to amenity-laden resorts and cruises to comprehensive travel insurance.

Each of our nearly 40 free programs has been developed by experienced editors in the travel trade who want to share their expertise with you. Not only will you acquire a strong grasp of each product’s key selling points, but you will also learn how to tailor a variety of travel experiences to specific client profiles. Our programs utilize video, interactive maps and beautiful photographs to engage and motivate you every step of your journey.

Plus, you get your own personalized Agent Dashboard to help keep track of the courses you've studied, the chapters you've completed and your graduation status – all at no cost to you. To help you decide which programs you'd like to enroll in, we've made it easy. The programs on our site are organized by category, including: destination, hotels and resorts, cruise, niche.

Enroll today and you can soon see how graduating from Travel Agent Academy puts you ahead of the competition and gives you the sales tools you need to succeed.


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