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ShoreTrips offers more than 2,400 excursions and activities, all personally tested, in more than 400 destinationas around the world. The staff at Shoretrips are experts – having researched every location thoroughly, choosing the best sites to visit, and the best things to do. They interview guides and providers, and only when they meet their strict criteria do they offer their services to customers. With 30 years of international travel experience, Barry and Julie have worked very hard to develop the way for travelers to have smaller, more personal tours and experiences. They have ensured that all the partners ShoreTrips represents have an excellent understanding of traveler expectations.

Barry Karp has been in the travel industry for the last 30 years. He has been traveling all his life to every destination, both as a traveler, a travel agent and as a group leader. He has experienced firsthand the evolution of leisure travel, from the early days before the computer to the mobile technology of the present day. Julie Karp has traveled extensively as well. She began her career as an interior designer 30 years ago but switched to the travel industry several years ago, making her hobby her profession.

Both have a very hands-on approach to servicing their clients and an intuitive sense of the desires of today’s travel-savvy audience. Their mission is to allow you to enhance your port of call, whether you arrive by boat or by plane. They have traveled to every spot that they represent to bring their customers the best and the most unique offerings. They have worked hard to develop a way for customers to have smaller, more personal tours and adventures, and yet feel secure knowing that all of the people they represent have an understanding of your expectations. More than 2,000 tour operators throughout the world bring you more than 3,000 well-designed day activities and sightseeing tours.

By taking this travel experience and strong provider relationships, the Karps have created an opportunity for registered agents to take full advantage of their knowledge and expertise. They know that relying on ShoreTrips is the best way their registered agents have in building their business.

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