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Kensington Tours


Kensington Tours was founded by intrepid explorer and Royal Geographic Society Fellow Jeff Willner. His thirst for travel stems from growing up in Africa, where his parents worked for most of his childhood, and where he discovered the richness of global cultures. A veteran of global expeditions to more than 80 countries, he has crisscrossed the continents to experience the extraordinary. During these years, Willner realized the vast difference between a package tour and personal discovery—when the deep knowledge and personal attention of a local guide can turn a trip into an experience of a lifetime.

The company’s seasoned destination experts are intimately versed on the new, the old, the different, the must-sees, the off-the-beaten-tracks and the out-of-this-world. Whether you are looking for a value adventure, a premium tour, or the most exclusive activities, properties and amenities (or the flexibility to mix and match between these), Kensington’s experts have the deep knowledge to transform a trip into an experience of a lifetime.

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Kensington Tours
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