Facebook Comments FAQ

The use of TravelPulse.com firmly prohibits libel, vulgarity and spamming as well as any other kind of misconduct. You are entirely responsible for the content you post and will be held liable for breaking our Terms of Use which could possibly result in complete expulsion from TravelPulse.com.

Although TravelPulse.com does take full advantage of Facebook's commenting structure, please be advised that all responses are subject to scrutiny. When in doubt, refer to the frequently asked questions below.

Do I need to have a Facebook account when posting on TravelPulse.com?

A Facebook account is required to make a comment on specific areas of TravelPulse.com. First-time users can sign up for a free account here. However, be aware that some offices and public places forbid the use of Facebook which can limit the use of actions such as posting or any other Facebook capabilities.

Is there a way to report an offensive comment?

TravelPulse.com takes heed to all offensive remarks and encourages its users to flag any wrongful doing. Simply check the "X" on the upper right side to report an inappropriate comment which will also prevent you from seeing it. In addition, this action will prompt Facebook regulators to evaluate the post and decide whether it should be removed permanently from the site.

Will my comments be open to the public?

Comments that are posted on TravelPulse through Facebook will show up on your timeline as well as newsfeed, making it available to your Facebook friends and network of un-friend users. To keep your remarks excluded from Facebook, just uncheck the 'Post to Facebook' box before posting it. However, this tool does not work when responding on another person's status.

Is my entire profile available for all TravelPulse users to see?

To make certain information of your profile private, you can regulate what you want to conceal from the public from Facebook's Privacy settings located here. Although your profile may be set to private, your Facebook name and picture will still appear with your posts on TravelPulse.com.

Am I allowed to erase any of my posted comments?

Fortunately you can delete your unwanted posts by highlighting the comment. After you have done this click on the 'pencil' --- 'delete' --- and then 'confirm'. For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/help/105443102880679/. This will also delete the statement from Facebook and TravelPulse.com. In order to remove the post from Facebook solely delete it from Facebook or select "hide from Facebook" to stop it from showing up publicly.