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Aerial view of the beach at Galveston, Texas.


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Galveston pier amusement park (photo via kat-co/iStock/Getty Images Plus)
Galveston pier amusement park (photo via kat-co/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Big spirits, big dreams, and a big heart make the small town of Galveston Island a true Texan. The southern-flair is always nearby, bringing tourists and locals together under the radiant Texas light. Its 32 miles of pristine coastlines as well as its décor of Victorian architecture perfectly manifest the culture that makes the town unique, while its family-friendly attractions appeals to every interest. Galveston, Texas is much more than an historic island, it is an idyllic destination to get lost in world-class treasures, where you either “go big or go home.”

Stretched along the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is a diverse beach town where travelers can experience the Texan spirit while relishing in the authenticity of southern hospitality. Galveston uniquely stands on its own, luring travelers onto its streets speckled with museums, amusement parks, the Pleasant Pier, art galleries, and 19th century masterpieces draped in history. The town is also a shopper’s paradise with its historically decorated Downtown District offering a world-class shopping frenzy filled with an array of boutiques bursting at the seams with souvenirs, fashion, books, and antiques. The excitement of Galveston continues throughout the night as watering holes, bars, and clubs provide a contrast of activities from live music and traditional cocktails to cozy lounges lapped with inviting conversations.

Galveston, Texas Beach Sunset (photo via TaylorLeto/iStock/Getty Images Plus)
Galveston, Texas Beach Sunset (photo via TaylorLeto/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Yes Texas is known for its grand gastronomic experience, and Galveston Island represents this in every way. What you will find in its restaurants is a plethora of culinary specialties ready to test any taste bud and gratify every soul. Visit Mediterranean Chef to savor the rich Greek flavors of pita sandwiches and moussaka. Seafood and hearty meat lovers should explore the cuisines of Flamingo Steak and Seafood as well as Saltgrass Steak House.

Galveston’s weather is characterized as a temperate climate with pleasant temperatures year-round. Its summers (May to September) are typically hot with averages rising to the 90s and lowering to the low-80s at night. Its winters are generally mild with weather ranging from highs in the mid-60s and decreasing to lows in the upper-40s.

Just 50 miles from the city of Houston, Galveston is serviced by George Bush International Airport and William P. Hobby Airport (closer of the two). Upon arrival, there are several ways to explore the island. Public bus transportation is easy and convenient. However, local taxis are also accessible. For travelers wanting to navigate through the city flexibly, car rental is available.