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Durante 2021, llegaron a México 14.6 millones de turistas de internación por vía aérea. (Photo via: YinYang via Getty Images).

Playa del Carmen

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Spring Break at beach of 'Playa del Carmen' in Mexico
Tropical beaches of Riviera Maya in Mexico. (Photo via marako85/Getty Images)

Completely surrounded by beauty, Playa del Carmen is a small city with a big heart. Spend your days with sand at your feet and the wind in your hair, as the multicolored ocean gently brushes against your skin. This picture-perfect paradise is a golden treasure charming its guests with serene ambiance. What better way to recharge your batteries than on a Spanish getaway, where your most sacred fantasies are brought to life. So grab your swimsuit and your favorite book and visit Playa del Carmen, Mexico to experience the true definition of heaven on earth.

This pleasant town is stretched along the Caribbean Sea and comfortably nestled in the country of Mexico. Affectionately known as Playa by its inhabitants, Playa del Carmen is mixed with locals and passing tourists in search of an exotic adventure. Retrace the footprints of its Mayan ancestors, who have shaped this town into becoming one of Mexico’s most cultural destinations. Whether you are diving among the tropical fish or touring its vibrant Zocalo (plaza), the highlights of Playa del Carmen are insightful passages into its rich traditions. Take a tour of Playa del Carmen’s beachfront, Playcar and watch backdrops of the sun as it fades behind the Riviera Maya, while its archeological gems glisten in the near distance. If you are a sports lover, Playa del Carmen’s verdant golf courses are ready for you to score a birdie; also the city’s colorful maritime is a host to a plethora of water sports.

Shake the sand off your feet and head to Playa del Carmen’s shopping districts. Mostly located on 5th Avenue (locally known as Quinta Avenida), this pedestrian-filled street is painted with stores bursting at the seams with Mexican treasures. Playcar is also known for its vivacious stores, offering a wide spectrum of Spanish and international goods. By dusk, this lazy town transforms into an adrenaline pumping social event. Hotspots like Root n' Fire and Blue Parrot Beach Club light up the night with their pulsating music, delicious cocktails, and picturesque backdrops.

Eat, drink and be merry as you take part in Playa del Carmen’s dining experience. For a taste of the Mayan culture the façade of 5th Avenue as well as other streets in the town are speckled with restaurants filled with the aromas of seafood, tacos, empanadas, tostados, and Spanish tapas. Its culinary masterpieces are cooked to perfection with authentic Mexican ingredients. However, if you are craving something different, the gastronomy is also speckled with an array of multicultural dishes as well.

Playa del Carmen experiences a subtropical climate with high humidity. During the months of September to June (warm season) the temperature averages around a high of 89 °F. From November to February (cold season) the weather cools to an average high of 80 °F.

Navigating around Playa del Carmen is relatively simple. Since it is so small, it is quite easy to walk to its different highlights. To venture outside of the town, there are buses available and they are located on 5th and Juarez Avenues. Taxis are also accessible and can be hailed from the streets.