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Morelia cathedral at Michoacan Mexico. Night view (Esdelval / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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Government House Morelia Mexico from Main Cathedral (bpperry / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Government House Morelia Mexico from Main Cathedral (bpperry / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Since the 16th century, the city of Morelia has maintained a beauty captured by its elegant décor of monolithic architecture. This enchanting treasure attracts a multitude of tourists who become overwhelmed by the wealth of history and culture that flows through Morelia’s vibrant streets. Preserved as a UNESCO Heritage Site, its narrow trails will resemble a scene from your favorite fairytale as pink quarry structures as well as emerald gardens emerge right before your very eyes. Stroll down memory lane and see a different side of Mexico, where its impressive features will not only hypnotize you, but will make you fall in love with its unique heritage. Morelia, Mexico is a historian lover’s paradise and a pleasant surprise for those willing to experience its timeless adventures.

Formerly known as Valladolid, Morelia plays a significant role in the state of Michoacán as its capital and a major political hub in Mexico. With such a powerful presence, the city‘s profound civilization is unavoidable, which is represented by its people and the numerous colonial structures, each concealing their own story. From museums to theatres, Morelia has a multiplicity of sites worthy of exploration. Standing in architectural majesty, the Cathedral of the Divine Savior of Morelia is an exquisite religious masterpiece in the city’s historic downtown. At night watch the amazing light show as the façade of the cathedral is showered with brilliant colors. The earliest establishment of higher learning in the Americas, St. Nicholas College boasts a Cultural Center filled with fascinating exhibitions such as paintings and books. Make a wish at the fountain located in the square of the 18th century Municipal Palace. Or gaze at the 253 decorative arches of the magnificent aqueduct. In addition, do not miss the opportunity to see the striking display of Monarch butterflies, which beautify Morelia’s forests during the fall.

Small Courtyard Plaza with Fountain at end of Walking Street Morelia Mexico (bpperry / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Small Courtyard Plaza with Fountain at end of Walking Street Morelia Mexico (bpperry / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Morelia also offers shopaholics a spectrum of shops and boutiques to appease their shopping addictions. Nourish your memories on the skillful artwork of the city’s inhabitants by taking a piece of Morelia home. In the midst of shopping, visit the local cafés for a Spanish treat or coffee. With a variety of entertainment venues, the hotspots of Morelia come alive as hypnotic music and performances light up the night. Taste the flavors of the Purhépecha culture with traditional culinary specialties simmering in Mexican spices. Foods like chicken, beef, gorditas, and churipo are among the favorable choices of its locals and commonly found in the city’s restaurants. So take a bite out of an old Morelia custom and indulge in the savory tastes of some of the most mouthwatering dishes in Mexico.

In the period of a year, Morelia experiences a temperate climate. During the months of April to June (warmest season) the temperatures average from a high in the 80s and decreases to the mid-50s. For the months of November to February (coldest season) the weather fluctuates from an everyday high within the mid-70s and lowers to the 40s at night.

The Francisco J Mújica Airport is Morelia’s door to a wide variety of destinations. Taxes are accessible throughout the city. Car/motorcycle rentals are also available as long as you have a valid driver’s license. However, to find Morelia’s hidden treasures it is best to travel on foot.