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City of Basel in Switzerland (photo via anderm / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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A small city with a powerful impact, Basel is one of the major heartbeats of Switzerland.  Bursting at the seams, the city’s vibrant culture is uniquely displayed through its masterpieces of art, history, and natural beauty.  You cannot escape the profound architecture and preservations of historical treasures reminiscent of Basel’s ancient civilization, yet boasting modern amenities that provide insight into the authenticity of the European lifestyle. Whether you get up close to birds of prey in the Volerie des Aigles or marvel at the large music collections that are housed in the Lohnhof building, Basel’s different manifestations of culture make this city an enchanting destination.  Basel, Switzerland is a great place for tourists to build unforgettable memories and indulge in many exhilarating luxuries.

Basel is a city in Switzerland and situated at the center of Europe.  It is also one of the most populated Swiss cities with approximately 190,000 residents.  Since the Celts first inhabited this energetic city, its strong customs continue to prevail throughout the cobblestone streets and décors of architectural magnificence.  Overflowing with about 40 museums, art galleries, theatres, and musical venues, Basel is an ideal location for discovering the arts that are specifically essential to the city.  Dedicated to satirical art, the Cartoonmuseum is an extensive glance of artistic works relating to many topics and conveying different messages.  Step back into time and head to the Jean-David Cahn gallery and feast your eyes on exhibitions of ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian art from jewelry to sculptures.   Science lovers will enjoy a visit at Bioscope which provides a thorough look into the natural wonders of earth.   Basel is an exquisite location that cordially invites tourists to explore its various attractions that proudly showcase the city’s unique history.

Basel is also home to some of the most interesting outdoor treasures.  Observe the behaviors of the Barbary macaques in their natural habitats at the Monkey Mountain. Also, get up close to the exotic animals of the Basel Zoo. The treetops in Lörrach are great for climbing and the bobsled at Langenbruk is a 1km ride of pure speed.  In addition, the hiking trails and mountainsides lead to gateways of panoramic views of the city’s landscape and ancient monuments that are memoirs of a land before time.

With the BaselCard, tourists are able to explore some of the city’s sites at a lower price.  Spa treatments, restaurants, boat cruises, and car rentals are all available and less expensive with the card.  In addition, the BaselCard also offers a free ferry ride and tour of the city. Upon your stay in Basel visitors will receive the Mobility Ticket which allows free use of public transportation in the city.  This ticket is valid for 30 days.

Basel is a shopper’s haven with a great amount of boutiques and stores that are elaborately decorated with international merchandise to local souvenirs.  By night, the clubs and hotspots overflow with locals and tourists expecting to dance the night away and mingle under an intense atmosphere. 

Basel’s chic restaurants are filled with gourmet delicacies and multicultural dishes bursting with flavor.  Chefs are culinary masters at preparing an exotic gastronomical experience inspired by their European influences.  From delectable seafood, a variety of meats and tapas to curry specialties and baked treats, there is a multiplicity of foods that will even please the cautious food critic.

Basel experiences a humid continental climate.  During the warm season (June-September), the weather averages between the 50s to high 70s.  In the cold season (November- March), temperatures fluctuate from the 20s to a high of 48°F.

EuroAirport services flights to other European destinations, North Africa, and Canada.  Zurich Airport also provides flights to various locations around the world.  Basel’s public transportation of buses and trams are accessible for travel through the city as well as Germany and France. Trains are a convenient way to travel outside of Switzerland and to visit different European countries. Taxis are a mode of transportation to specific locations in the city such as EuroAirport, Messezentrum, and the Border Triangle. However, talking a leisurely walk along the wonderful trails and street corners is the best way to explore the city’s hidden sites and precious jewels.