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bimini Bahamas island beach (Photo via DIRDPKC / iStock / Getty Images Plus)


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bimini Bahamas island beach (Photo via DIRDPKC / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
bimini Bahamas island beach (Photo via DIRDPKC / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

Imagine a destination where the sounds of the multihued ocean gently bids you hello. Palm trees not only shade you from the golden sun, but also dance with the cool breeze. A place where you are completely adorned by the beauty reflected from the pristine beaches and colorful strolling peacocks. Yes, this location does exist, and it genuinely hopes that you will want to explore its majestic landscape. Bimini, Bahamas is a heavenly island embraced by its friendly natives and by drifters lucky enough to experience its magnificence. Bimini sparkles with many enriching attractions, blessing everyone in its path with an impressive mixture of exquisiteness and culture.

Once you step foot on this luxurious island, you will not want to leave. Nestled on the Gulf Stream and the most adjacent Bahamian island to the United States, this paradise also consists of a cluster of small islands which are: North and South Bimini, Turtle Rocks, Sandy, Gun Cay, and North and South Cat Cay. Bimini’s location also made it possible for rumrunners to hide their alcohol from prohibition laws.

Attracting a multitude of fisherman with its vibrant maritime supplying a multiplicity of seafood, Bimini’s exoticness also became a haven for Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Jr., in addition to other important historical figures. Even so, the island continues to magnetize many people with its iconic treasures and natural wonders. According to ancient legends, if you bathe or drink from the Fountain of Youth, your youth may return. The Healing Hole is believed to cure the ailments of whoever swims in its powerful waters. Built in 1935, the Bimini Arch Monument welcomes visitors with its inscription, “The Gateway to the Bahamas”. Also, the Bimini Museum preserves the island’s past with ancient decorations of artifacts.

Shopping on the island is a cultural adventure. From delicious pastries to souvenirs, the experience is a treat for every shopaholic. Bakeries like Barbara Hanna and Nathalie’s Bimini Bread entice their guests with fascinating aromas from their baked specialties. On the other hand, Bimini Craft Center and James Pinder offer authentic “made in Bimini” merchandise. Along with the tranquil beaches, The Spa at Bimini Resort & Marina is a great way to recharge your batteries. Everything from massages to body treatments is provided for you pleasure.

Let your nose lead to the fragrances of Bahamian and multicultural cuisines draped in exotic flavors. The local restaurants offer an open door of a wide spectrum of digestive foods such as fish and conch. Whether you choose a laid back or intimate atmosphere, the gastronomy is a cultural phenomenon as the island’s striking panoramic views hang in the balance.

Bimini experiences a tropical monsoon climate. From September to May the temperatures maintain an average in the mid-70s. During the rest of the year, the weather fluctuates between the 80s to a daily high in the 90s.

The island’s pocket size makes travelling relatively simple. Taxis and buses are only a phone call away, or they can be flagged down from the streets ($5.00/person in North Bimini; $3-$5 one way in South Bimini). From 6am to 6pm, the Bimini Tram also services transportation throughout the island (Adults $3.00/ children $1.00). In addition ferries are convenient for interisland travel between North and South Bimini. However, the island’s unexpected highlights can be explored with a pleasant walk along its narrow trails.