Valentín Fuentes

Valentin Fuentes


Valentín Fuentes is a journalist who, over three decades of professional work, has ventured into various areas of communication that have allowed him to collaborate with BBC Radio, CNN in Spanish, as well as the two most important broadcasting companies in Mexico in production work and as a news reporter. As editor, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with high national circulation media such as CEO Magazine Latam, Expansión, Quo, Ejecutivos de Finanzas, Poder & Negocios, and Fahrenheit, to name a few. His editorial works have been mainly focused on business, finance, energy, tourism, sports, arts and culture, among others. To this are added participation in both cultural and public TV, as well as radio programs focused on popular science. On the subject of food & travel, Valentín made a series of reviews of dishes and culinary recommendations for Time Out Mexico magazine in which he rated the quality and service of the restaurants. He was recognized with an honorable mention in the 2005 National Journalism Prize for Health, awarded by the Ministry of Health of Mexico.

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